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Settling-in Period

We create a good, trusting basis

You child is going to attend our Kita (short for “Kindertagesstätte” / day-care centre for children) in the future. This means that your child will face a new situation:

  • being separated from parents,
  • unfamiliar carers,
  • new rooms and facilities,
  • other children,
  • a changed daily routine.

All of it is a big challenge for your child. To make these steps easier for your child, and to create a good, trusting basis for the future, this settling-in period is very important to us. We have divided this period into three phases:

Phase 1

For the first two/three times, a parent visits the Kita along with the child for approximately 1-2 hours. Getting to know the new situation for the first time should be possible without a separation from the parents.
During this time, a conversation between the group manager and the parents takes place to share and exchange important information.

We recommend that parents keep a low profile during the settling-in period, to give the child the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new carer. This supports your child in building a new relationship.

Phase 2

The parents leave the Kita for a short period of time. It is important to say goodbye to the child and to let them know the duration of the absence. The parents should signal to the carers that they wish to hand over the child to the responsible carer.

Phase 3

The duration of the stay can be slowly increased, up to the registered length of time of the child’s day-care.

The settling-in period is part of the agreement. Usually it continues for approximately 3-5 weeks. That is why it begins a few weeks prior to the regular start of attending Kita, and is free of charge.

The times of the settling-in period are discussed and specified together.

During the settling-in period, we expect that you as parent can be reached by phone, and if necessary, can pick up your child ahead of schedule.

After the settling-in period, we are guided by the child’s behaviour and decide together if the settling-in can be finished.

How can you support the child as parents?

You can already prepare your child at home for the Kita visit. It is important that you tell the child for how long the visit will last. It should know if it will leave the Kita with you, or if it will stay at the Kita for a short time and will be picked up later.