Acclimatization time

We create a good, trusting basis

Acclimatization time

Your child will visit the daycare centre (Kita) in the future. It will face a new situation. The replacement of the parents, unknown carers, new rooms, other children, changed daily routine, all this is a big challenge for your child. In order to make this step a little easier for the child and to create a good, trusting basis for the future, the acclimatization time is very important to us.

We have divided this time into three phases:

1st phase:

The first two or three times a parent visits the day care center together with the child for about 1-2 hours. It should be possible to get to know the new situation for the first time without separating from the parents. During this time, a conversation takes place between the reference person and the parent in order to exchange important information.

We recommend that parents be cautious during acclimatization to give the child the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new caregiver. This promotes your child’s new relationship building.


2nd phase:

The parents leave the daycare for a short time. It is important to say goodbye to the child and to announce the duration of the absence to the child. Parents should signal to the carers that they want to hand over the child to the responsible caregiver.


3rd phase:

The length of stay can be increased slowly until the child has been paid for care.


How can parents support the child at home:

You can prepare your child for a visit to the daycare at home. It is important that parents tell the child how long the visit will take. It should know if it leaves the daycare with the parents, or if it stays alone in the daycare for a moment and is picked up later.


The acclimatization period usually takes two to four weeks.

We orientate ourselves on the behaviour of the child and decide together whether the acclimatization period can be completed.


The monthly care rate is charged from the date of entry, starting with the acclimatization which is mandatory, until the withdrawal.


The times for acclimatization are determined during the entrance interview.

During the acclimatization period, we expect that the parents can be reached by phone and, if necessary, be able to pick up the child early.


Despite a good acclimatization, it is important that you are aware of your children’s long periods of presence. Because a day-care day is like a hard day’s work in the professional world for your children.

For this reason, we recommend your child max.10 hours in the daycare.