Mission statement

Who we are – our identity

Kita Pinocchio is a family-complementary childcare service for children
between 4 months and the start of school.
In our everyday life, we experience appreciation, humour and
Moments of happiness.
We see the game as a key development element.
We are a daycare center that goes along with nature’s annual run. With your own
Garden we live the children’s awareness of the fellow world.
We treat families of different cultures with openness.

What we do – our mission

We give children equal opportunities. You will experience yourself as part of
a group and learn to find their place.
We give room for age-appropriate participation. We take the needs and concerns of children and parents seriously.
We offer learning fields that stimulate all the senses and encourage them to discover.
The children are strengthened by security and security in order to gain confidence in themselves and in their fellow world.
We support language development and individual competencies.
In the event of a dispute, we accompany the children to a common

Wherever we want to go – our vision

We are a centre of excellence in which families with their concerns
receive expert advice and assistance.
As a meeting place, we strive for good networking with
social partners.


01 November 2019