The current system in the canton of Bern

  • There are subsidised and private daycare places.
  • private daycare places: parents pay the full cost.
  • Subsidised daycare places: parents pay reduced contributions depending on income, wealth and household size. The number of subsidised daycare places is limited and must be applied to the canton.

The change in the canton concerns all parents who have a subsidised place.

Subsidised daycare places (previous system)

  • Parents submit their tax documents to the daycare twice a year.
  • The day-care centre calculates parental contributions in accordance with the provisions of the canton.
  • For the subsidised places, the daycare centre receives an annual contribution from the canton and the communes.

The new system: care vouchers

  • There is no longer any distinction between subsidised and private daycare places.
  • The day care centres and day-parent organisations no longer receive subsidies from the canton and the municipalities. Eligible parents receive childcare vouchers to reduce their childcare place.
  • If the conditions/conditions for this are met, you must submit the application and all necessary documents in good time before entering the daycare centre or before the date of the changeover to the new system of the municipality of residence.

Requirements for care vouchers

  • The amount of the voucher depends on your income, wealth and family size.
  • The levy is subject to additional conditions: the workload of the parents (single-parent minimum: 20 / for couples minimum amount 120)

= > the need for social or linguistic integration
= > or special care needs (specialist unit)

What do you need to do?

  • Please apply for care vouchers in good time if you still want a reduction in your childcare contribution and are entitled to apply.
  • Find out early enough how the care vouchers are regulated in your municipality.
  • We need your care voucher as early as possible before switching to the new system.
  • Without a care voucher, we have to charge you the full rate!

How to apply for care vouchers

  • with the web application
  • In our region, you can now enter your data and check whether you are eligible.
  • With, you can also calculate the estimated amount of your care voucher (simulation).
  • You can also submit the application in paper form to the congregation and request additional information there.
  • In any case, your application will only be decided upon when you have submitted all the necessary documents and when a daycare centre has guaranteed you a place of care!

What exactly do you need to do?

  • Inquire if and from when your community issues care vouchers.
  • Look for a place in a daycare or day family as before.
  • If you already have a place in the Kita Müntschemier today, we will continue to guarantee you this place.


If you have any questions about filling in, please contact the responsible issuing office for the care vouchers:


  • Regional Social Service Erlach, in Ins:
    Breeding tels, Erlach, Finsterhennen, Müntschemier, Siselen, Treiten
  • Gampelen municipality:
    Gals, Gampelen, Lüscherz, Tschugg, Vinelz
  • Financial Management Ins:



Asiv System:

Platform of all documents on care vouchers – fee calculators, tariffs, registration forms, etc.:

Care vouchers: the most important thing in good time in German

Care vouchers: the most important thing in the near future French

KiBon Tool:

Family portal:


Concrete action?
  • The new tariff regulations from the introduction of the care vouchers will be received after the event
  • We will terminate all existing care contracts in good time before the introduction of the care vouchers and conclude new contracts with all parents who wish to do so.
How expensive will the daycare place be?
  • yes. Your contribution is expected to increase.
  • The amount that you, as a parent, will receive from the childcare voucher is less than the subsidy that the daycare centres receive today.
  • This will increase your share of the costs.
How high will the care voucher be?
  • The amount depends on income, wealth and family size (seean overview table withtonight’s documents).
  • The maximum amount of the voucher for a child over 12 months until admission to the kindergarten = 100 francs per day.
  • The maximum amount of the voucher for a child under 12 months = 150 francs per day.
  • Children with special care:

    = > income-independent supplement of 50 francs per day.

  • As income increases, the amount of vouchers decreases.
  • From an income of 160,000 francs (after deduction lump sum for the family size), no care vouchers can be applied for.
  • In any case, parents pay at least 7 francs per day for the care costs themselves.
Cost of babies?
  • Especially the places for children under 12 months will unfortunately become significantly more expensive for many parents. Bébés need more care and occupy 1.5 daycare places.
  • Therefore, as parents for children up to 12 months, you will also receive a higher care voucher. The care voucher for Babies only partially compensates for the higher costs with middle and higher parents’ incomes.
Possibility to save / profit orientation of the daycare?
  • The daycare centres have to calculate their tariffs in a cost-covering way if they want to continue to exist under the changed conditions.
  • The cantonal requirements regarding personnel and rooms and other requirements remain unchanged.
  • There is little room for savings.

The well-being of your children and the quality of care are our top priority.

  • The Kita Pinocchio in Müntschemier is recognized as a non-profit and does not work profit-oriented.
  • We invite you to join the Board of Directors, as a member of the Executive Board you can actively participate and participate in the decision-making process.