Annual report


For 2017, we have decided to give full attention to our garden and make it the main topic for our annual report.
During the winter months, we took the time to rediscover ourselves as a team, as Aimée Scotoni is back after her holiday. To this end, we worked with a supervisor who supported us in looking at our roles in the team and finding out together how we want to develop further. This work has greatly enriched us and strengthened our roles.
After the year of Representing Aimée Scotoni, Sabrina Geissbühler has retained the responsibility of representing Aimée in his absence and supporting her with certain tasks in her core business. This included the redesign of the homepage this year. We were lucky that Raffael Zürcher (father of the family) offered us as an expert to redesign the platform with us and trained us so that we can now hold the homepage à jour independently.
As every year, we held a parents’ evening. This year we dealt with Montessori pedagogy and how working with tablets can support the children in their independence.
It is important to us to develop further in our profession and to always learn new things. That’s why we do an internal training every year. This year we dealt with mindfulness in dealing with the children and ourselves. In the individual further training, Janine Balsiger has trained as a vocational trainer, Jrene Kapp has attended a course for early childhood music promotion, Sabrina Geissbühler completed courses as an examination expert to take final examinations of the trainees, Aimée Scotoni has started the industry certification course Pedagogical Management in Day Care Centers and Sabine Huwiler is about to obtain the EFZ for FaBe K.
This year, we launched a parent survey on daycare quality and were able to receive suggestions through the feedback on our offer, which we will take up in the coming year. We were very pleased with the feedback we received and encouraged us in our actions and actions. Thank you to all the parents for that.
Working with parents is very important to us and it is a gift for us every year if we can meet with our activities at our summer festival and at the Samichlaus and be in exchange with each other. This year we have been able to reach a lot of families with our activities. With our 33 families and 39 registered children, we were at the joint events up to 70 people. This interest is a testament to the appreciation of our offer, which we are very pleased about.
A big thank you to all parents for the trust placed in them and the good conversations. We look forward to being together on the way next year.

Aimée Scotoni Kitaleiterin

If you want your child today

Clean pick up from the kindergarten then it did not play

and learned nothing

(Maria Montessori)

Give children boards, and they will build a hut. Give children a hut, so they make boards out of it…

(Jean Paul Deridder- Association for Action-Oriented Pedagogy)

Our Kita Garden Year and our experiences

Greetings from the kitchen

We received the Fourchete Vert label again this year.

Unfortunately, the canton has decided to give less money to this project. This means that the companies receive a financial contribution of SFR 300.- annually in order to be recertified. We as a company have therefore decided to do without the certificate. Nevertheless, we will continue to prepare our menus according to the guidelines of Fourchette Vert.

Winter walk
On an everyday walk in winter we discovered a flock of sheep. And the sheep discovered us. To our amazement, the animals were just as interested in us as we were in them.

Sabine Huwiler

Der Winter


Activities in the «Winter» garden
It has frozen this year,
No solid ice yet.
The child is standing in the garden
And thus speaks to himself leis,
I just want to dare,
The ice, it has to carry.
Who knows?!

Yes it’s cold, yes it’s wet. But that doesn’t stop us from visiting our garden. We also like to walk into our garden in the cold season and see if he gives us something late. In fact, we found delicious pumpkins, carrots, nut salad, herbs, late-flowering flowers (zinien) and even some raspberries, which the children ate immediately.

However, since we cannot spend all day outside in the garden, we have the opportunity to use the gym twice a week. There, the children test their motor skills and learn a lot of new things. Recently they experienced a movement story from our trainee in the 1st year of training.

Max has lost the colored stripes on his pants and now the pants are all white.
We have to find the stripes so that the pants become colored again.

Come children we pack our things.
(Pantomime, the necessary things are packed and stowed in a backpack.)
Are everyone ready? Do we all have matching dresses?
Then we go.
(On our journey there are obstacles, after each hurdle we can find a colored ribbon, which we can then use for Max’s pants.)
There is already our first obstacle, the river with the tree trunk.
(The children look at a bench, which represents a tree trunk and serves to cross a river)
Are they all there? Did everyone make it across the river?

Look there in front is our first ribbon. Pack it quickly in the backpack so we don’t lose it.
The next obstacle is already waiting.
(Then comes a deep gorge. To overcome this obstacle, the rings are used as lianas)
We made it and ribbon number two is already visible in the front.
Off to the backpack with it and on it goes. Suddenly it gets hot. What’s going on? We see volcanoes. However, there are a few stones left on which we can hop on the other side.

(The stones are represented with rings)
Again a ribbon wanders into our backpack.
Now I am very tired and what about you children?
Soon it’s night and we need a place to sleep.
(We lie down and go to sleep)
Good morning everyone, did you sleep well?
Are you ready to move on?
(A small pond, which is depicted with a blue mat, is the next challenge.

Since it is only a small pond, we can swim the route)
But wait children…. does anyone need floating wings?
Or does someone want diving goggles?
Now quickly into the water, who is the fastest on the other side?
And after this cooling, the next ribbon is already waiting for us.
Do you hear that? (Snake sounds)
That sounds pretty scary.
Let’s see what makes such noises.
There are snakes and hundreds.
What should we do to meet this challenge?
(In order not to attract attention, we have to meander through this zone like a snake in a slalom)
So, now we already have a lot of ribbons and Max will certainly be happy.
But look up there on the mountain is the last ribbon.
(The last obstacle is the “Sprossenwandberg”.
After we climbed up the wall of bars and then down with the ribbon, we made it)
At the end we count the ribbons. After that, each child is allowed to put his ribbon on the white trousers.
And Max has his colored pants back.

Well done, thanks for the help and see you next time kids.
Impressions from the gym
Sabrina & Sandro


Spring is calling and showing its first signs

Same and equal
A flower bell
From the ground
Was sprouted early
In lovely pile;
Then came a bee
And nibbled fine –
They probably have to both
To be for each other.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

This year we stocked up on a lot of vegetables and flower seeds and raised our tomatoes, basil, zucchini and pumpkins in an early bed. With a lot of curiosity, the children looked week after week in the early bed to see how the small delicate plants became a magnificent plant. Watering and grooming during the week was always the highlight. We are glad to have received two more watering cans from our garden neighbors. Now even more children can help at the same time.
To see how nature began to rain again was a real spectacle. We discovered how the small flowers of the raspberry bushes opened bit by bit, the buzzing of the bees was added to pollinate them and suddenly the fruit was seen from the flower.
The buzzing of the bees frightened some children, but they had nothing to fear. We watched the bees fetch the pollen. The slowly growing fruit then became the pink red raspberry. From then on, the children spent most of the garden time with the shrubs and snacking on the sweet-sour berries.
Long live spring: The children could play in the sandbox again after the winter and enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. They romped with the ball, rocked on the swing and cooked a garden soup with everything you could find.

Larissa Russo & Aimée Scotoni


Summer is coming

In June we started with a warm and beautiful gardening season. So that we could enjoy our garden again this year, we had to make ourselves comfortable. Set up the shade sail and parasol, fill the rainwater barrel with water and off you went.
Every week we planted and watered new vegetables and flowers. This year we had a short and efficient raspberry harvest. We set the mood for our summer holidays with very hot and dry temperatures. In the two weeks break, dear Peter sent us storm and hail. The beans and zucchetti didn’t love the weather change at all.
Tomatoes and lettuce gave us great pleasure when harvesting.
Since last year the trampoline safety net was torn and the bar was bent in a storm, we tried to repair it. The kids love hopping and somersaulting. The kindergarten garden gives the children the opportunity to hide, play “Fangis” and invent role-playing games.
Our sandbox has repeatedly lost its contents in recent years, so Aimée had the idea of making a wooden frame all around. The whole team helped with the room, hammering and screwing. Thus, the children know how far they can drive with trucks and excavators.
At the end of the summer, the Kita team, parents and children celebrated our annual summer party. This year we had the theme balloons. We think that this was very well received by everyone and everyone had a lot of fun with the different game offers. Whether at the grill, buffet or table, entertaining conversations were held everywhere. We hope to be able to experience a beautiful, warm and harvest-rich summer with the children next year.

Janine, Tamara


Autumn is just around the corner

Rake leaves

Every year the coloured leaves fall from the trees. Also in our garden in front of the kindergarten. When the lime tree and the birch lose their leaves, we have our hands full….

We pull out our rakes and scrape the leaves together into large piles. The children help and are fully in their element. Now you might think that the work will be done soon. But no, the children jump into the mountains of leaves and let the leaves trickle over their heads. “Huii, that threads.” And it all starts all over again.

A beautiful morning in the autumn garden

Today we take advantage of the sunny autumn weather to spend the morning with the children in the garden and harvest the last fruits and vegetables. Hand in hand we marched to the Kitagarten.

Full of joy, the children disappear into the playhouses or walk back and forth along the paths between the beds.

Sandro is full of energy and has soon torn out a few stems from the faded sunflowers. He is supported by his assistant.

Now we harvest the last carrots. Everyone enjoys the different colors, orange, red and white we find. Now quickly wash off the earth and we can enjoy a fine snack.

The flowers are also so numerous and colorful that we like to cut off a few to bring them to the kindergarten as bouquets.

Now a young cat is also visiting us. The children are thrilled. All morning she sneaks around us and plays with the children. Even at the Znüni she is back and hopes to get something. We are still harvesting tomatoes and salads for the next few days in the kindergarten.

Soon it is time to leave again, we are expected back for lunchtime. But another fine tomato directly from the bush, we will not let that be taken away from us.

Summer party Impressions and pictures of new sandbox

Visit to the guinea pigs and rabbits

Visit to the guinea pigs and rabbits

The Wenger family runs a small private zoo at home in Müntschemier. They have two dogs and four cats and next to them they house over thirty guinea pigs and rabbits. They live on an area of about 80 square meters, on which their stables are placed. The houses are reminiscent of a small village. It is a paradise for the rodents, who can move freely every day.

With five children and a sack of carrots we set off. Mrs. Wenger received us and explained everything to us. Now we were allowed into the enclosure in small groups. The animals walked around us without fear and went about their activities, such as nibbling off the tanning branches that were distributed throughout the area. Because we behaved calmly, the rodents sniffed us with interest and “stole” the carrots from our hands. The children were very fascinated. It was a great experience.

Sabine Huwiler

Visit to the turtles in Ins

Visit to the turtles in Ins

As a highlight of our project theme Turtles, we are allowed to make a trip to a private turtle enclosure in Ins.

After a very short train ride to Ins we walk a quarter of an hour to Verena’s house. She is already waiting for us and shows us her large, naturally laid out enclosure in the garden. We are looking for the 4 turtles from the outside, which are hiding a little. But Verena lifts them up for us one by one, and tells us new and exciting things about these interesting animals.

Everyone is allowed to feed a turtle in turn. Either with dandelions, with fresh fruits, or with the special turtle food. The fine peaches are more likely to disappear in the mouth of the children than in that of the turtles. We are fascinated when we can observe how the animals overcome their shyness and then eat the food from the children’s hand. We see the tiny little tongue come out and take the treat.

After a leisurely snack on Verena’s seat, we have to head back towards the train station. This was a nice trip for everyone!

Irene Kapp



At the end of September, another visit to the Papiliorama was planned. With six children we set off.

First we visited the butterflies that fluttered around us. We were able to observe them eating. Later we visited the nocturnal animals in the Nocturama. As our eyes got used to the darkness, we saw sloths and porcupines, among others. Finally, we went outside to the petting zoo. The children were in their element. Especially the goats have done it to them. Despite the beginning of the rain and the prospect of Zvieri, they could hardly be taken away from there.

Sabine Huwiler

Garden and Kitaleben in pictures

Children's mouth from the garden 2017

Dear V.
You are on your way to the garden with Janine. On the way you will discover beautiful white flowers in a front garden. So that you know what they are called, Janine says: “Das si Margritli”. You are amazed: “Yes Margritli, but you also know everything Janine. If I’m as tall as you are, I know a lot.”

Dear N.
You sit in the tall grass between the flowers and make saliva bubbles and hum to it. You enjoy nature and watch the flickering fire.

Dear V.
Today is the first day this year that we can spend in the garden again. You enjoy the swing all morning and hardly let it go. For lunch there is rice and potato salad with roasted cervelats. The “little ones” are already asleep and you are currently doing your daily “siesta business”. You sit on the heme in the sun behind the house and pick your favorite flower “Margritli”.

Dear A. and Dear P.
You read raspberries together. You have a bowl where you can put it in. After about 5 minutes you put A. the bowl in the hands of Sabine for herding. Contents of the bowl: 1 raspberry (The rest has probably landed in your mouth) 😉

Dear T.
Every Tuesday we go with your friends to the Kita garden to spend the day there. As soon as we turn into the street, you remember the rabbit “le lapin” by Brigitte and Erwin. Of course, we go directly to him and visit him.
Later in the day, after some time helping on the trampoline, in the sandbox or harvesting, you discover a tower on the mountain on the horizon and shout enthusiastically: Chasseral, le Chasseral.

Dear J.
It’s already 2:45 p.m. again and you’re still asleep. Your friends play around you in the kindergarten garden and you enjoy your afternoon nap in the shade. Even a week before, on a very hot summer day, when we wanted to cool off in the school well, you slept so long that we took you asleep in the daycare manager’s car so that you could continue to sleep.

Kita Team


Our employees:

Aimée Scotoni Kitaleitung
Sabrina Geissbühler STV Kitaleitung
Irene Kapp Primary teacher
Sabine Huwiler Playgroup Leader
Tamara Spoon Executive committee
Janine Balsiger Educator EFZ
Joanna Jampen German jumpers
Sonja Kiener German jumpers
Larissa Russo Apprentices from February 2016
Sandro Wiesler Trainee
Christa Vaglietti Cook from May 2017

We welcome:

Christa Vaglietti, cook

We wish you all the best:

Claudia Meier, Cook

The Kita Pinocchio in numbers

Our capacity utilization in the last 9 years:



Supervised children


1 year




2 year




3 year




4 year




5th year




6th year




7th year




8th year




9 year






  • Admissions: 15
  • Resignations: 15
Annual Report Board KITA Pinocchio 2017

The return of Aimée in spring 2017 was supported by supervision by Thomas Gerber. This ensured a smooth return of Sabrina’s leadership to Aimée. On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to thank the entire team, but also Thomas Gerber, for this.

In 2017, the resulting projects and work were discussed at 8 regular meetings and numerous additional meetings and assistance was provided for implementation.
Once again, we were able to approve valuable training for the staff and release the necessary amounts of money for this.
This is mainly due to the positive conclusion of last year and the surprisingly balanced balance sheet this year.
On 8 December 2017, Ms Tanner from the Regional Social Service Erlach, with the support of Commissioner Luis Jucker, again carried out a controlling in the day-care centre. Due to the once again exemplary work and the excellent preparation of the kindergarten management and her team, there were no shortcomings to complain about this year.
Instead of the forecast deficit, we were able to close the calculation for 2017 in a practically balanced manner, and further investments are also planned for the current year to improve the daycare center and for further training of the staff. The planned expansion of the daycare center will also present us with additional challenges.
Unfortunately, our accountant Christine Mathys is already leaving us, we thank her for her commitment and support. The accounting is now taken care of by Eliane Schwab.

Thomas Böhler, President